Hello! Welcome to The Good Life Girl. I’m Evie Calder, a blogger and small business owner. My background is in sustainable development and climate change communications, and I’m passionate about the environment, sustainable living and using business as a force for good.

My Beliefs
When I first went to university to study Environmental Economics and Environmental Management back in 2010, I was introduced to the idea that many people felt technology was the answer to our environmental woes. Personally, I never agreed with this; I felt that it was wrong to suggest that our consumptive and unsustainable behaviour was acceptable, and that we could simply rely on the fact that a new technology would come along and ‘possibly’ solve all of our problems.

Of course, I fully understand the importance of technology when it comes to tackling climate change and helping create a sustainable world – of course it plays a role. But I also believe that there needs to be a fundamental shift within society towards a slower, more balanced way of living; one that encourages us to return to the way we used to live – with the added benefit of modern technology (where appropriate). I believe in a world of have-in coffee (or at least in your reusable cup) – one of better work-life balance and equality, where veggies are loose, cyclists and Teslas live in harmony, and where we only buy items that are designed to last (or are totally biodegradable after they’ve come to the end of their life ) – and ones that give back to those who need the most help. This isn’t just beneficial for the environment and for future generations, but for our own mental wellbeing.

Just A Note To Say…
Whilst I am a huge advocate of all things natural, home-made, home-grown and, of course, sustainable, I’m not a huge fan of labels in general. I tend to just live by my own set of ethical principles, and try to live as simply, sustainably and ethically as possible. But believe me, I’m on a journey too, and I am not perfect – I’ll openly admit that I’m not totally zero-waste, or plastic-free – although I’d like to be. I try to do as much research as I can, and always try to think of the bigger picture, and not get caught up in my own little eco bubble. I don’t beat myself up over the mistakes I make every now and then (and you shouldn’t either); as they say, it’s not easy being green. And that’s exactly why my blog exists – to help provide you with the advice, information and support you need to live your version of ‘The Good Life’. I’m not here to preach, but to share lessons and tips – and if I help you, then that’s fantastic. But if there are things you can teach me, then that’s even better. I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Get In Touch
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